WP 3: Chemical Analysis – LW & IWW

WP3 focuses on the screening and monitoring of contaminants in groundwater. This is also connected with the extension of sample preparation and non-target analysis to (highly) polar substances that have not yet been detected or have been detected only infrequently and that can serve as indicators of the risk to groundwater fauna. Due to low concentrations, trace substances need to be concentrated to reduce the limits of quantification.

This will be carried out in close coordination with AP6, in order to develop a harmonized sample preparation strategy that is optimally adapted for both ecotoxicological and chemical investigations. In addition, non-target analytics will be used in collaboration with AP6 to conduct identification experiments for prioritized ecotoxic substances. Potential, newly identified indicators of risk to groundwater fauna will also be incorporated into the socio-ecological assessment in WP7 and the recommendation for action in WP8.