Integrated assessment of groundwater systems

Joint project gwTriade

Our objectives

  • Identification of priority groundwater pollutants (indicator substances) and appropriate test methods for the assessment of impacts on groundwater biodiversity
  • Development and implementation of an integrated assessment concept specifically for groundwater systems - based on a triad approach

  • Analysis and integration of societal objectives regarding groundwater assessment and protection to develop recommendations for action on extended groundwater assessment for users and decision makers

Triad approach

  • Combination of standardized ecotoxicological bioassays, chemical analysis and faunal diversity assessment to investigate the ecotoxicological, chemical and ecological potential of increasingly polluted groundwater ecosystems. The triad approach is complemented by the integration of societal objectives concerning groundwater protection.

Our Consortium

  • We are a consortium of different project partners with expertise in environmental toxicology, molecular ecology, groundwater and drinking water ecology, chemical analysis, water management, conflict analysis and stakeholder processes

Project Funding

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding the gwTriade project (Ecological and Ecotoxicological Groundwater Quality Monitoring based on an Integrative Triad Approach) within the LURCH (Sustainable Groundwater Management) funding measure as part of the federal research program on water “Wasser: N”. Wasser: N contributes to the BMBF “Research for Sustainability’ (FONA) Strategy”.

Grand number: 02WGW1668A