Overview of scientific and technical objectives of the work packages (WP).

The project is carried out in an inter- and transdisciplinary network of research institutions (GUF, ISOE, IWW and RPTU) and with research-strong practitioners (LW). As a research institution, the IWW also has a strong connection to practice. This combined expertise allows the development of a unique holistic assessment strategy related to groundwater that integrates chemical analysis, zoozonal determination, and ecotoxicological studies in a triad approach.

The socio-ecological assessment, which includes analysis of practical needs, dialogue with practitioners, inclusion of different objectives in groundwater assessment, and analysis of conflict constellations, can be used to derive mechanisms and solutions to address conflicts, and to examine and prioritize the assessment criteria developed in the project in relation to social objectives.

The problem areas and solution approaches identified will be addressed by a precisely developed WP structure (see figure). This will be achieved by closely interlinking the individual WPs so that all the results of the triad approach flow together into an overall assessment and a recommendation for action.