WP 6: Ecotoxicological Risk Analysis – E³T, IWW & LW

In WP6, a biotest battery will be adapted, optimized and subsequently applied to the requirements of the investigations of groundwater systems, with the aim of a sensitive resolution of pollutants and evaluation of different degrees of pollution. For this purpose, a comprehensive ecotoxicological evaluation of selected groundwater sites by means of effect-based bioassays will take place and these will be reviewed with regard to different degrees of loading of organic pollutants and mixtures.

Based on the obtained biotest results, a prioritization of the broad biotest battery will take place in coordination with WP3, WP4 and WP5 in the course of the project and an identification of the drivers of toxicity will be achieved by means of effect-based analytics. In this way, a biotest battery will be identified, which can be used to answer the evaluation questions in a target-oriented manner.

The biotest battery and the developed ecotoxicological assessment concept will find their way into the practical dialogue in WP7, in which the practicability and possible implementation steps will be discussed in order to produce recommendations for action for different target groups, such as potential users and decision-makers (WP8).